At the beginning of the year I had the great privilege to go on an amazing journey to Kenya, Africa. I never dreamed that someday I would be able to visit Kenya and do two of my favorite things: photography and volunteering.

The backstory to this trip was that my best friend Tony was requested to create a 25 minute documentary for the Romanian television about the Romanian Missionary priests working in Northern Kenya. Working with the Missionary priests meant that we were able to get deep inside places that otherwise would be hidden from the ordinary tourist. Everything about this trip filled me with awe. Everything was so different, beautiful and new, and so far from anything I had experienced before: from the red-yellowish color of the sand to the acacia trees standing still in the scorching sun in the middle of nowhere; the clear dark sky with its myriad bright stars to the haunting call of hyenas on the steep mountain. There were so many images bombarding my senses. But the best of all was meeting the local people, talking to them and sharing their food; visiting children in numerous creches and schools and learning about their routine, about their needs and difficulties and last, but not least, witnessing the amazing and vital work carried out by the Romanian Missionaries who are helping communities and families in their daily lives - especially during a very harsh drought that has resulted in a very limited water and food supply and the death of so many domestic animals. And in spite of everything the resilience of these people is inspiring, and the smiles of the children so endearing. I hope that someday I will be able to return and that some of these photographs will help raise awareness about the great work that is being done here.

All the photographs are for sale and all the proceeds are going towards the mission in Sololo, Northern Kenya. (Work in progress).

This is a 25 minute documentary that my friend created for the Romanian Television about the work of Romanian Missionaries in Northern Kenya. Role: Cameraman & Photographer. Language: Romanian.

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